As one of Carolina’s premier commercial remodeling contractors, it’s been interesting to see how the tastes of millennials affect commercial construction and renovation. Millennials, born between 1977 and 1995, now make up the largest percentage of the population, and their influence is being felt in many spheres. These are just a few examples:

Technology Infused Lifestyles.

Millennials are the first generation to be called “digital natives,” meaning that they’ve been familiar with computers and the internet from an early age. Raised in the presence of cell phones, millennials tend to be early adopters of smartphone conveniences like smart home technology. For commercial buildings, that means things like wi-fi signal, USB ports, and charging need to be considered during commercial construction and renovation.

Design Fluency.

Millennials’ awareness of design has been shaped by taste-making sites like Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, well designed blogs, and commercial websites like Ikea. The images on these sites invite comparison, and also lay a groundwork for a general design literacy. Exposure to design online leads millennials to respond to commercial spaces that are also beautiful, tasteful, designed, and well curated. The good news for businesses is that some trends, like industrial design and the tendency towards mixing high and low, are very budget friendly and can help with commercial renovation costs.

Workspace Flexibility.

One common preference for millennial workers is the flexibility to work from home. That has meant decreased space requirements for office workers, and also has advanced the concept of hoteling, or flexible office environments where workers can reserve a space when they’re not working from home.

When you’re ready for a commercial building renovation or any sort of construction build out, keeping millennial tastes in mind can make the project more interesting and, in the end, can help keep commercial renovation costs in line as well.  Roper Construction can help design the right space for your business.







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